As businesses look to increase their data and content delivery speeds, they are turning towards fiber to the x (FTTx) services. In addition to offering faster upload speeds, FTTx also provides businesses with greater redundancy and access to multiple paths.

This reduces downtime during network outages by ensuring that both upstream and downstream networks can continue to operate during an outage. We at Dreamwave provide FTTx services to help you make the most of your wireless network. We offer a complete solution for the deployment of FTTx services from planning to installation.

We provide FTTx services, including fiber optic and network installation, fiber optic cable repair and maintenance, fiber optic splicing and termination services, data center construction and design, and more. Here is everything we provide in FTTx:

  • Includes all ftth, fttb, fttp, fttc & ofc splicing
  • Requirement analysis, network design & optimization
  • Long term reliability
  • Network optimization, training & network handover
  • Design based on underground and aerial fiber optics cable
  • Fttx deployment & integration